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Welcome to Torch Light Tours

The name ‘Torch Light Tours’ has a story behind it.

The torch flame that we pass on represents the incandescent passion we have for Ghana and for giving back to our land and leaving indelible, positive footprints in the communities we visit.

Our goal with every tour is that our flame will be passed on to our guests and that they in turn pass the flame on to others, creating a world full of passion for Ghana and all of Africa. A portion of all tour proceeds directly benefits children and families of Ghana.

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Our vision at Torch Light Tours is to be the global leader in transformative travel experiences, setting the standard for sustainable tourism and social responsibility.

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At Torch Light Tours, our mission is to illuminate the world with unforgettable travel experiences while nurturing the communities we touch.

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Highlight the compelling reasons why investing in Ghana's real estate sector is not just an opportunity but a strategic move for financial growth and prosperity.


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Testimonials from our precious clients about their experience with Torch Light Tours

Khalilah Johnson


Torch Light Tours provided our group of ten travelers from the U.S. with EXCELLENT service during our 10 day stay in Ghana. Our guides were friendly, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable about Ghana.