Khalilah Johnson

Torch Light Tours provided our group of ten travelers from the U.S. with EXCELLENT service during our 10 day stay in Ghana. Our guides were friendly, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable about Ghana. As first time visitors, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the new sounds, aromas people, and language, however 100% of the time we felt at home. We were greeted at the airport by our tour guide Michael Orleans. He welcomed us with a big smile,, and a comforting familiarity. He was able to answer all questions asked pertaining to the culture, how to exchange money, safety, and even all of the hot spots to go to during our stay. He helped us with negotiating prices for goods (as this is a big part of the culture when shopping), and even ordering from restaurant menus. Our guides were knowledgeable of the history of all of the regions that we visited, and had good relationships with many of the merchants in those regions. I can personally say that I felt like a local during our stay. Whenever I travel to Ghana, or neighboring countries, Torch Light Tours will be the company that I rely on for my travel needs. I would encourage anyone traveling to Ghana, West Africa to give Torch Light Tours a call!.